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Learning to Surf in Weligama

Learning to Surf in Weligama

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ceylon sliders

We're currently staying in the dreamiest hotel in Weligama, Ceylon Sliders. As with most good discoveries, I found them on Instagram, (their feed is beautiful) and I really wanted to incorporate a few days here into our Sri Lankan journey. I'd heard that Weligama is a really good place to learn how to surf, so here we are!

I've wanted to learn to surf for as long as I can remember, but I've never quite got around to investing the time & energy into it. I could have learnt in the UK, but wasn't sure I wanted to brave the cold waters as a beginner. I have to admit, I was a little scared as well! Giant waves that suck you under aren't particularly fun! But I like to face my fears rather than let them prevent me trying new things, so here I am, day 2 of my surf lessons and (almost) loving every minute! It's a skill, but one that you can pick up relatively quickly, if you have a good teacher, gentle waves and perseverance. Luckily, I have all three of those things, so it's going well so far.

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It was more my idea to try out surfing at the beginning of these travels, but Sander wanted to give it a go too, and now he has also been bitten by the surfing bug and may even be enjoying it more than me! I have come away with some bruises and a slightly hurt ankle from just two days of surfing, but no pain, no gain!


We start the day here at 6am, and walk to our rooftop yoga class as the sun rises in the sky above us and the ocean laps beneath us. It has to be one of the most blissful ways to start a day; outside, moving your body, with the sun on your face and the waves keeping pace with your breath. Such a treat to have these classes before we begin our surf lessons. This is followed by a big breakfast in the leafy courtyard; the granola and fruit bowl is heaven on earth, and their coffee is the best we've found in Sri Lanka so far. After this we head to the ocean and our surf instructor (Lucky) and hit the waves for a couple of hours.

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Surfing is such a mindful & present sport, all that exists during those moments is the ocean, you, the board and the waves. You have to be present, there's no way to zone out when you have waves to battle from all angles! I love it for that reason, it's also pretty fun when you actually stand up and keep going without falling! I was actually surprised how much we progressed in just two lessons, and we're looking forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.


Tomorrow is our last day in Weligama, and we'll be sad to leave but we're looking forward to seeing elephants in Udawalawe National Park and continuing our surfing journey in Arugam Bay. This evening we hope to catch a beautiful sunset from clifftop Tiki bar,  before enjoying some food overlooking the bay at Chef Akila, we've heard good things about both places.

Weligama is worth visiting for a few days if you find yourself in South Sri Lanka, especially if you want to learn how to surf. It's a really relaxing town, and everything moves slowly, which is great for relaxing and perfecting your grace on the waves.


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