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Weekend Things

Weekend Things


One of the best parts about returning from our travels is revelling in home comforts. Sander and I both love cooking, so we've been cooking up a storm since we got back. We've also been sampling some of the vegan food on offer around London. There's so much choice! I'm really enjoying trying all the new places that sprang up in our absence. And of course returning to old favourites like Franco Manca.

We headed there on Friday night for a date night, and as always their sourdough pizza was super tasty. The vegan option is great because you can add all the veggie toppings your heart desires. I added artichoke (had to be done), fresh spinach and chilli ( I love all things spicy).

Becka Franco Manca
vegan food london
vegan food

This weekend was grey, miserable, rainy and damn cold! We ventured out for Saturday lunch as we had some errands to run. We decided to try Haunt in Stoke Newington for a late lunch- it's an all vegan brunch menu and it's filling and delicious. Sander opted for the burger (he can't resist) and I sampled the smoky om-not (pictured above), it was the best kind of comfort food on a rainy day.  I really recommend this place for a boozy brunch or lunch spot. All their wine is vegan too! Happy days.

london, becka whelan
aesop treats
flowers, amaris and willow

We wandered around Broadway market a little in the afternoon which admittedly is much more pleasant on a sunny day. However, we did find this yummy vegan cheese stall called IAmNutOk and we couldn't resist buying some of this scrumptious 'cheese' paste. I also popped into one of  my all time favourites, Aesop for some gifts for friends and a few things for me.

vegan cheese

On Sunday we braved the high winds to visit Columbia Road Flower Market so I could pick up some flowers to turn into beautiful creations this week. It feels great to work with flowers again and get creative after my short break. As usual, it was rammed with people, but it's still one of my favourite places to be on a Sunday in London.

I'm currently reading:

When I Hit You by Meena Kandasamy. Well actually I finished it last night. It's a quick but intense read. I highly recommend this book, it's a confronting novel and some people might find it too disturbing to read in one go. It's a really important piece of literature that explores the damaging impact of an abusive relationship.  I look forward to reading more of Meena's poetical prose in the future.

I'm currently cooking:

I'm really into the Minimalist Baker's recipes at the moment; they all have minimum fuss ingredient lists and everything we've tried has been really good. I loved the hearty lentil and mushroom stew and the sweet potato shepherds pie. I'll be trying more of her recipes over the next few weeks. Hopefully the weather will warm up and we can cook more springlike food.

I'm currently listening to:

The Ethical Hour podcast. I really enjoyed their episode on the fashion industry and the Fashion Revolution. It's really important to keep asking brands where our clothes come from; who makes them and in what kind of conditions. Clothes shouldn't disempower women in one part of the world to empower them in another. If you're interested in where your stuff comes from then this is a good podcast for you. I'm looking forward to more ethical conversations from Sian Conway & her guests.

amaris and willow flowers

Tonight's our City Lick book club reunion, we're discussing two books over Indian food and I'll hopefully write about that soon.

I hope you have a great week!



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