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Oscar And The Lady In Pink

Oscar And The Lady In Pink

The book selection process was slightly in reverse this time as the main reason that a French book was chosen for our next read was the fact that we all really fancied some deliciously decadent French food. We'd heard good reviews about Brasserie Zédel so when a French friend recommended Oscar and the Lady in Pink by the prolific writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt, we jumped at the chance to have our first French evening.

And we weren’t disappointed.

We were instantly transported to a lively Parisian brasserie as soon as we entered the magnificently gilded dining room. And of course every respectable Parisian girl starts their evening with champagne, don’t they?


Encouraged by the bubbles, we had one of our most lengthy and animated discussions about a book to date. Don’t be fooled by its petite size, the book is packed full with funny, thought provoking and heart-warming moments. It tells a tale of how Oscar, a terminally ill 10 year old, muses about the ups and downs of life in a series of hilarious and witty letters to God. And it’s not at all preachy. Although you know the ending from the start, 3 out of the 4 of us still welled up when we reach the end of Oscar’s journey. I think it’s safe to say that it is one of our favourite book club reads to date.

And the delicious food and drinks certainly helped. We had a variety of main courses (fish, steak and duck) and were delighted to find all of them very tasty.

Obviously some serious posing started.

The live band came on at 8 and with the lovely French music, our posing quickly descended into more raucous behaviour…

We finished our lovely evening with heaps of sweet treats and the promise to recommend the book to all of our loved ones.

The Citylickers.

Chosen and written by Katy.

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