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The Last Tycoon

The Last Tycoon

We dined at Kettner's to discuss F. Scott Fitzgerald's last (and unfinished) novel, The Last Tycoon.

As unfinished novels go, it wasn't bad, but we felt there wasn't really enough substance for us to discuss the novel for very long. We all agreed that his primary skill as a writer is his evocation of time and place, but one of us (Katy) feels that his writing style is shallow and that his characters lack depth. We agreed that this was perhaps purposeful on his part. The location of the 1930s themed Kettner's was the perfect place to overindulge and discuss life's fluctuations over a cocktail or two. We think Fitzgerald would have approved of our general debauchery. As we headed out into the night to end the evening at the Society Club ..

The food at Kettner's wasn't anything special for the price, but you're paying more for the atmosphere than anything else, we had this talented gentleman to our right. (Their left)

As usual, there was plenty of siliness.

The other side of the table representing a more refined approach to dining.

Cocktails galore. (drunken photographer revealed)

And plenty of posing.

All in all, we had a great evening - we're not sure we'd recommend the book as a starting place, some of his others are a better place to begin. But if you're already familiar with Fitzgerarld's work then it's interesting to compare this unfinished, unpolished novel to his previous very polished and well-executed work.

We suggest reading it over a Negroni or two, with a pianist to accompany you.

The Citylickers.

Chosen and written by Becka.

Oscar And The Lady In Pink

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